Boiler and Fireplace Industry

The wide applicability of our monolithic materials allows us to gain the experience based on their use in the most demanding industrial equipment for pyroprocessing (operating, among others, in the energy industry, cement industry, and waste incineration sector) as well as in the nonindustrial areas, such as the fireplace- and stove-building sectors.Since the first exhibition of our materials at the ISH Frankfurt and KOK Wels trade fairs in 2015 and 2017, we have systematically expanded the gamut of offered materials, developing both aesthetic and functional features of our products. Thanks to the persistent work of the R&D Department and the Department of Prefabrication of Aesthetic Ceramics, we are pleased to present our two recently developedtechnologies. BG-KOM LIGHT is a monolithic material of high aesthetic values and high precision of finishing, meeting market expectations of sustainable development, energy optimization and lowering household energy expenditure.

BG-KOM LIGHT is intended for use in fireplace combustion chambers, where the energy produced is to beeffectively and quickly transferred and then stored. For this purpose, we reduced the apparent density of the material from the standard one of 2.0 g/cm used in fireclay-based materials and concrete, to 1.3 g/cm while maintaining the remaining functional and aesthetic parameters. The material is offered in two technological variants: in the form of a loose concrete mixture and ready-to-install prefabricated elements.

BG-KOM LIGHT complements our offer, which also includes high-density materials used for the construction of heat-accumulating chimney systems (energy storages) and materials used for modular construction. Both the solutions allow to obtain an alternative energy source, which, in the light of last years’ experience, seems to be an attractive option for households. Implementation of the project: “Development of innovative refractory concrete and technology for the production of prefabricated elements based on this concrete”

BG-KOM BLACK 2.0 is the result of 10 years of our search for a technology of the production of black aesthetic ceramics, where maintaining the blackness in the course of the firing process seemed to be unattainable. The greater is our satisfaction to present a product whose black is deep andlasts without brown discolorations. We can use this coating for any shape we produce. For details, feel free to contact our technical advisors.

Other color variants can be made on request