Working layer castables and gunmixes

Prepared from selected aggregates and with such a content of high-alumina cement to meet the individual needs of the customer to the working environment and temperature. We have a wide range of products, including:

Refractory castables with high abrasion resistance, including plastic masses.

Andalusite-mullite concretes characterized by high resistance to thermal shocks.

Self-flowing concretes with very high strength parameters, intended for application in places of complex shapes, in hard-to-reach areas that prevent the vibration process.

Corundum based resistant to aggressive environment in direct contact with metal and slag.

Refractory castables and gunmixes enriche wzbogacone with silicon carbide, resistant to abrasion and aggressive work environment.

Refractory concretes dedicated to the production of aesthetic ceramic for the boilers and fireplaces industry both in Poland and abroad.