Coke oven


High chemical purity of components.
No secondary shrinkage, low secondary linear expansion, ensure very good tightness of the device.
Excellent resistance to CO penetration, ultra-low Fe2O3 content.
Low density provides good thermal insulation.
Low porosity provides a barrier to the penetration of carbon decomposition products deep into the refractory lining.
High resistance to thermal shock.
Prefabricated W-SF, compared to the solutions used so far, are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage due to increased compressive strength, which provides good protection for the metal part of the furnace door and protects the body from overheating and deformation.
The fittings work until the metal parts of the furnace door are repaired.
The durability of the fittings increases the safety of the furnace maintenance work.
The dimensional accuracy of the preforms, up to 1 mm, ensures well-fitting contact planes to the door structure.

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