The tasks posed by the refractory materials of the steel industry can be classified as one of the most demanding. The materials used are expected to provide not only optimal durability, which gives the possibility and reduction of production and operating costs, but also the possibility of increasing the flexibility of production or extending the product range.

GÓRBET REFRACTORIES using the knowledge and experience of its engineers, offers for the steel industry monolithic products dedicated to individual devices and production processes.

Blast furnace installations:

– Concrete and refractory masses for runners (prefabricates, shotcrete and tamping masses)
– Monolithic elements of heaters, WP hot blast zones (large-size prefabricated elements), masses for cooler zones and WP charging zones (shotcreting masses)
– Monolithic elements for flooding ladles and pig iron mixers
– Monolithic lining of the ladle for transporting pig iron (torpedo)

Arc furnaces:

– Monolithic elements of vaults (prefabricated vault fittings, fittings of electrode zones, shotcrete and tamping masses) and the entire monolithic vaults of arc furnaces.
– Monolithic lining of gutters and downspouts, gas extractors, etc.

– Monolithic linings of ladles or their parts, i.e. drain gutters, bottoms, bottom plates, prefabricated shell fittings, fittings for the argon system, metering nozzles, slag scrapers, backfills, refractory elements of agitators, etc.
– Oxygen converters and steel ladles:
– Elements of the lining of monolithic converters and ladles (including holes and runners, monolithic elements of lower blast holes, etc.)
– Gas-purging fittings and fittings of the ladle drain system (upper and lower outlets of zipper closures)

COS lines:
– Monolithic lining of the tundish – masses and concrete for the working and auxiliary layer, fittings of the metering nozzle, partitions, monolithic lining of the ladle cover

– Monolithic linings and prefabricated elements of refractory and heat-resistant brickwork of auxiliary devices used: covers, covers, tanks, shafts of transport trolleys, plugs, lances, scrapers, etc.